18 April 2019

Travellers return

Yes, we are back from France.  12 days of fun - gardening, ironing, cooking, cleaning, sorting.  Tiring.  I won't deny it, I'm looking forward to a rest.  Its so good to feel that you are being really useful and that what you do makes a small difference.

Firstly, we turned out a box room in the attic and made a spare room for us and other family members/friends to use. Thus not taking up a guest room which has a value.

 Weeded and bark chipped the front borders

Alain the neighbour came with his tractor and cleared the veg bed and dug out a fruit bed for us.  We planted raspberry canes, strawberries, blueberries and rhubarb.  Rufus helped Peter to put up all the support posts and wires for the raspberries, fun and a maths lesson

We also made a poly tunnel greenhouse, planted seeds

 Finished my oddments socks and managed to finish the fronts of my cardigan and cast on the sleeves, hopefully now I'm home I can crack on with it

They tried out the tandem, it was a huge success as was the boat

walked to Le Boulay and had a picnic

Went to Le Mans market on Sunday

 Visited Chateau Montreuil Bellay

Enjoyed evening views of the Chateau, chatted with guests

All in all a busy time.

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  1. What a busy time, but I'm sure it was wonderful being with your family. I bet your daughter was thrilled with all the help! Like the socks.


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