3 April 2019

Whats on my needles today

and whats on yours?

Another month, another pair of socks.  I'm enjoying my new found love of socks, it may get to the point where I make more than one pair a month.  My husband loves them.

This month the socks are a bit wacky.  As you may know I am trying to cut down my stash, not buying any new yarn.  My sock yarn is diminishing fast and I have ended up with lots of oddments.  I weighed it lot and divided them between two bags so that I knew I would have enough for a pair.  I then got my husband to pick out each colour without looking and so far this is what we have!

What's your opinion on knitting with cotton for socks?  I have lots of 4ply/fingering weight yarn, some 100% cotton others with some nylon.  Does it fit the same?  Or do they slide down/wear badly.  Peter gets cold feet all the time, so I guess he could wear them in bed during the summer if nothing else.  Let me know what you think.

The yarn is an assortment of Regia sock yarn, so multi colour/patterned/striped anyway.  The second sock will feature all the same yarns but in a different order.  I'm sewing in the ends as I go as I like to keep tidy.

My simple cardigan is also coming along well, back, left front completed and right front up to the armhole shaping.  I really like the multi coloured James C Brett yarn and am thinking of maybe featuring more in the sleeves

That's it from me today.  I've had a productive morning, beds changed, bedrooms and bathroom cleaned, vacuumed round, washing done.  Time for a coffee and a catch up on some blog reading


  1. I love scrappy socks, not so much sewing in the ends but it has to be done. You could try knitting the foot of the socks in cotton and then part of the leg finishing (or starting) with the cuff in sock wool with nylon. I have a couple of pairs of boot socks in cotton/wool blend DK weight for summer dog walking and they are fine, I do increase stitch count for the cuff and then fold them down over my boots.

  2. The color combination is good. I haven't made socks out of cotton yarn . When I make socks out regular sock yarn I always use a nylon thread along with the sock yarn. Socks seem to last longer. Love the color of the sweater. You seem to have a way with colors. On myneedles right now I have a pair of socks and a sweater. The sweater is a Wallaby for my granddaughter. It's a hooded sweater.


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