15 February 2010

Another year older

I've had a brilliant weekend.

Saturday we went down to London with our friends Judy & Stephen, the day was spent, chilling out, catching up, sightseeing, followed by an evening at the O2 watching Mr Clapton & Mr Beck in concert - what a show!  Nearly 3 hours worth of really good blues music, very good value for money.  Though Eric what's with the longer hair?

Sunday (my birthday/Valentines) - we parked up long Hyde Park and had brunch at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen - can highly recommend this, lovely atmosphere, fresh cooked food and lots of it.  We then wandered over to Traflagar Square and spent some time in the National Protrait Gallery, which was fun, especially when you can poke fun at the the old pictures and realise that some people were really fat then, so not such a new problem.  On to Chinatown to watch the New Year celebrations, Lion Dancing and the like, too full from brunch to attempt anymore food. 

My day was rounded off with a visit from my youngest and a call from the eldest - tea and toast in front of the fire along with some very good cheese which we purchased from Neals Yard cheese shop in Covent Garden.  All in all a great birthday weekend, got some lovely presents too.

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  1. This sounds like a perfect day, and clapton the thinking mens musician, brilliant!


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