7 January 2011

New year new look

yesterday was my 5 weekly cut and colour and as its a New Year I thought it was time for a bit of a change.

I've had my recent hair style for about 2.5 years now, this style was a complete change for me as for most of my life it has been short, in some cases very short.  Anyway, I sat there looking in the mirror, Barbara says "what are we doing today, just the usual roots and trim" and I utter the words "I fancy a change".  And a change is what I got, and now I'm not sure.  My husband is not sure, in fact won't say whether he likes it or not.  For years I kept it short as he said he always liked it like that and now he's not saying.  Time will tell if I can handle the style, it may prove to be more work than usual.  I know it will grow again, but it that painful growing out that I hate. Below are some of the hair styles I've had over the years.  My new one is sort of in between some of these.  See the 3rd pic on 2nd row - I was just 19 there!

Lets hope Rufus recognises his granny today, we are off swimming, that should sort the hairdo out!!


  1. OH HOW VERY FUN SUE!!!! Now I really feel like I've known you for years!

  2. I like the new do Mama - it looks all healthy and glossy - I'm jealous. Defo never get it cut v v v v short again. Never minded it at the time but looking back now it looks so much better longer. You need to post a pic of the new look.


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