10 April 2011

Weekend Round Up - oh my aching back

What a beautiful weekend, I hope it was warm and sunny where you were.  We have spent the weekend working in the garden and have achieved lots. 

Yesterday my status on Facebook was - aches from too much gardening, why do we carry on till it hurts?  These were the answers -

Kathleen - cuz that's who we are...

Denyse - Usually cos the days when we can get out there and stuck in are few and far between so we try to get ahead of nature!

Pauline - ‎'Cos the sooner it's all finished the longer you can enjoy the results?

Here are some pretties from the garden -

Apple and cherry blossoms

Emerging ferns - they fascinate me

I love spring time in the garden so many lovely colours

The vegetable garden has been dug, raised beds ready and some sown with seeds.  Seedlings potted on and herbs sown. Old plant saucers used for stepping stones.  The rain barrels installed on the garden room, ground for the steps have been dug out, remaining brick work has been painted - I won't post the photographs that Peter took of me as I'm wearing a cap, I don't do caps and frankly look a mess, yes I know I'd been gardening all day but I draw the line at how I look.

So its back to work for a rest!!


  1. Looking loveley! Emerging fern are really facinating. I love to watch them unfold.

  2. From Facebook

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke beautiful! we don't have any blooms yet, except the pussywillow tree and a few crocus. we are way behind you weather wise.
    11 April at 18:09

    Pauline Hornsby Beautiful flowers &c. You'll soon have the time to sit and enjoy them.
    12 April at 14:31


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