5 October 2011

WIP Wednesday #15

Just back from a trip out to Abravo Alpaca Farm, an enjoyable afternoon complete with lovely cakes and tea. Thank you Frances and to Pauline for arranging it.

So onto this week's WIP's, I have two.  My first is cardigan #4 - Seaside Cardigan by Sublime Yarns.  I am using the remainder of the James Brett that I used for #3, unfortunately I have run out, so more needs to be purchased on Friday.  Again I used oddments of cream just to add a bit of interest

 WIP #2 is finally my next Ten Stitch Blanket.  I made up 4 combinations of yarn for each round and will see how things go as I don't have even numbers of the yarn.  Not sure on the combos now they are knitted up but then I always think they look strange until the blanket gets to a decent size.

This is the finished cardigan #3

The matching hat to go with cardigan #2


  1. I love the way your 10 stitch is looking, I might have to make one of those myself!

  2. I'm liking that 10 stitch blanket also. The colours are nice and muted.

  3. LOVE your 10 stitch! I've had my eye on that pattern for a while!

  4. I think your 10 stitch looks great, and I'm sure whatever yarn choices you make will work out.


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