15 December 2011

Facebook no more

That's it folks, I have deactivated my Facebook account.  I am sick of all the recent changes.  It's no longer easy to navigate round.  You find info from friends days after it was posted, which is very unhelpful.  It no longer imports my blog.  So I decided to pull the plug on it......  A bit less time on the laptop, more time knitting.

On the knitting front I am still working on the ten stitch blanket and have started another girly cardigan - its the Little Anna Wrap but with Little Margot sleeves from 634 - The Sixth Little Hand Knit book by Sublime.  I am using Kirkton House Craft Double Knitting yarn in a crushed raspberry which looks very pretty.

Little Margot

Little Anna

On the gardening front, the high winds this week have changed the face of our courtyard.  The privacy panels which a previous owner had erected on top of the walled area finally came down along with all the trellis, a climbing rose, 2 clematis, a winter flowering jasmine and a honeysuckle.  Luckily on Monday evening I decided to put the car away otherwise this lot would have come down on top of it!!  We woke a lovely mess on Tuesday morning.  Peter managed to clear enough to get the car out of the car port and then I spent the afternoon with the cutters and chipper clearing up my devastated plants.  There will be plenty of wood for kindling, but thats a job for another day, at the moment its all just piled up awaiting someones attention. Its all looking fairly bare and open but at least now we can decide what to do with all the extra space.  A wood store maybe.  A chance to sort out next doors guttering which appears to just run down the wall.  There always something to do isn't there?

My Christmas shopping is done, just waiting on delivery of one gift.  I started to do some wrapping yesterday, so I'm feeling pretty pleased.

I have a day off today, so I plan to do a few jobs around the house. Try and find the key to the barn, I had it yesterday.... then I am taking a friend to the last meeting of the year of the Medway Craft Group.  Looking forward to a good natter and knit


  1. Oh My. To loose all those plants.
    Looks like you are having fun with the girly knitting.

  2. Oh, if I had little girls like that in my life you wouldn't find me faffing about on Facebook, when I could be knitting for them! what little jewels.

    And I like your attitude about, well, all that stuff blew down, now what to do with the space, minimum of whining about it!


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