11 February 2012

Sympathy is in short supply

Pied Wagtail visiting the bird table - well picking up the bits the starlings had dropped
Bored with my current WIP's, I decided to start some knitting for my niece who is due in April. 
This pattern is the Lucy cardigan from the Patons Nursery Days booklet.  Knitted in Cygnet Kiddies Kaleidoscope Supersoft Double Knit. Simple lace pattern with a v-neck
Because the temperature is still in the minus range, though beautifully sunny,  root veggies ready to roast for some warming soup.  We have only ventured outside to replenish the wood supply.  We are both feeling rough still, my chest hurts from coughing and now my ears ache.  Its an effort to do very much, only put on a couple of loads of washing, and cooked some meals, luckily I had plenty of stuff in the fridge to whip up something quick 
Audrey is enjoying having us around all day, especially to jump onto my warm sofa when I got up to make a drink.
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Its funny, in 35 years of marriage we think this is the first time we have been ill together.  Good to have company but you don't get any sympathy

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  1. Love the cardigan. The colours and tge shading are beautiful. Audrey knows a good spot when she finds one.
    It's been a while since you wrote this so hope you ad all are fully recovered now. Pxx


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