24 August 2012

Caution artist at work

then Aunty Rachel bought McFlurry - he was supposed to share with me!

Thanks Pop its a big hit


That little face whats not to love

Check by tomorrow for more - the cousins get together


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time!

  2. He just gets cutest every day, doesn't he? I'm also super impressed that he can almost ride that bike without training wheels, that is talent!

  3. He is such a lucky boy to have such involved grandparents! My wonderful Mum (Nanny) isn't local and I really wish my kids had someone who did stuff like this with them often!

  4. Stunning pictures which, as you have done, need little narrative. What a handsome boy. He will be breaking hearts when he grows up. Did you get any of the McFlurry eventually?

  5. True artist you have there Granny Sue.
    LOve these photo's...I feel as if I'm sitting right there with you have just as much fun as you.


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