25 August 2012


Today has been about getting together with the cousins (2nd) - Rufus with Joe 5 at Great Grandmas

Then Granny had to drive the tractor, its harder than it looks as I'm too big to use the pedals!

Then along came Lucy, she is now 4 months, as cute as a button

with brother Charlie 6, they are 2nd cousins to Rufus and Laurie too.  Both Peter and I have younger brothers who left it later to have children, hence the reason all the kiddies are close in age

how cute is that face, she has changed so much in 6 weeks, which was the last time we saw them.

Where is Laurie I hear you ask, well as usual he was sleeping.......

and sleeping........ its what you do when you are 4 weeks old

Stu helping push the tractor, our garden is far from flat so makes pedaling hard going

Looking for apples

Up the trees - I think Rufus was wishing he was bigger

Great picture of Charlie

The weather held out for most of the time, it was lovely to have everyone together and the boys all got on so well despite the age gap


  1. Looks like a heavenly afternoon! You are so right, your niece is simply adorable too! My favorite photo is definitely the third one, it is just too funny!

  2. You did a great job driving that tractor! Glad Rufus has some cousins to play with, even if they are 2nd.

  3. HOW MUCH FUN! BUT....I think we need to give you and Peter some tips on tractor driving.

  4. What a wonderful afternoon for all concerned. As usual, wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


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