30 August 2012

Give me an R, give me an L

Matching sweaters for the boys....... 

Rufus's sweater is a pattern from Noreen's KAL on the Grandmas Hand Group on Ravelry.  I had to amend it slightly as I used double knit yarn rather than aran, but it turned out perfectly to size and I am very pleased with it.  Laurie's was adapted from Oliver by Patons.  The letters I had on a cross stitch chart which I enlarged.  I am really happy with how they both turned out.

This on the other hand, got frogged last night.  I did another pattern set and it looked awful.  Not sure what I was doing wrong, but with each pattern set (8 rows) you are supposed to decrease 10 sts.  I was decreasing an awful lot more than that.  I just decided that enough was enough, I wasn't enjoying knitting with such thin yarn, so I will have to find something else to do with it.  Give it away possibly


  1. Those sweaters are simply adorable. The little stripes on the cuffs just make me think how tiny the little ones are.

    The lace looks fine in the photo, but I'm with you. I can't work with the very fine, thin yarn. I think my eyes are too old and my fingers aren't as nimble as they once were! My daughter loves to knit with the fine mohairs, etc. Too much trouble in my opinion.

  2. Those sweaters are the cutest things ever! I hope you will post pictures of your grandsons wearing them.

  3. I tried to click th LOVE button a thousand times! Those sweaters are Incredible. Lucky little boys!

  4. what precious sweaters!
    i remember trying to knit with a thin mohair-type yarn. it wasn't friendly to me at all!

  5. Those sweaters are something else (meaning more than good, superb or whatever positive word you would like to use). The style of lettering really goes well for a boy but they are not childish. A pity about the mohair. It would be shame for you not to use it. Is there enough for a triangular ten-stitch shawl?

  6. Those sweaters are just adorable, they would be great for photos with the two little guys too! I can definitely see why you didn't like working with that yarn, it would have given me a headache too. Too bad it is so pretty.


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