20 August 2012

Out with the old?

Its too easy these days to just chuck out what we don't want just because its old and tired.  In one of the guest rooms we have some pine furniture which had seen better days.  There was nothing actually wrong with the furniture, pine just tends to go very orange with age, and it just looked sad and unloved after being moved around when the eldest was living in flats in London.  So I decided I try and give it a new lease of life.  The room needed a revamp too as I have never liked the blue paint on the walls and there had been a damp patch on the chimney breast - which has now been sorted.  I needed to keep to blue as I couldn't justify changing the curtains and bedding. 

Here are the before pictures of the chest of drawers, the wardrobe I still need to paint.  I am so pleased with the result.  I used B&Q quick dry satin paint

The room is now painted in Dulux Cornflower White, which whilst still blue is much softer and lighter.  I also painted the mirrors and side table in the satin paint.  I have a few more pictures to put up.  I feel very pleased with how the room looks for a very small outlay, just lots of rubbing down

Top row before.  Bottom after
In other news -
  • I knitted another bathroom mat for the youngest, but forgot to take a picture. 
  • Finished hand quilting my lap quilt, the running stitches may not be perfectly spaced but it is a first attempt, so just the binding to do on that. 
  • I have done 2 pattern repeats of the mohair shawl, I can spot a couple of mistakes, but I think I can live with them.
  • Finished reading Peaches for Monsieur le Cure by Joanne Harris, so enjoyed this, infact refused to get out of bed yesterday until I had finished it. If you enjoyed Chocolat and Lollipop Shoes you will enjoy this one.
  • Went cycling in 30C temperatures - we did however do two pub stops for refreshment and Peter got a puncture


  1. It looks great! I love the fact that you remade what you already had. I am not one for buying new very often.

  2. Cycling with a couple of pub stops. No wonder why we are friends.

    The painted chest looks lovely. So fresh and bright. Busy Busy gal you are!

  3. nice job, it really gives the room more air!

  4. You've been a busy lady! I think the room looks terrific, and the furniture is too nice to just get rid of. Giving it a face lift was a great idea and I'm sure you'll enjoy it for years to come!

  5. Oh wow, that is a night and day difference, it looks amazing! Definitely worth all of the hard work. You have had so many wonderful successes this week, congrats!

  6. And you accuse me of being busy! What a difference a paintbrush makes. The room looks stunning. You have given me the kick I/we need to finish the decorating we started four years ago but have not yet got around to finishing. Too much else to do. I just don't know how you manage to fit all the things you do into your life - never a still or dull moment. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the progress of the mohair shawl and the completed lap quilt.


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