27 August 2012

Sunday stroll

It was actually a bit more than a stroll.  We decided we would forget the gloomy weather forecast and trust to luck with a walk.  We are fortunate that we have some lovely walks around where we live.  The Ouse Valley Way Walk passes through our neck of the woods, so we decided we would do part of that - its 150 miles in total.  We can do a 10 mile loop comfortably and the only roads you touch are as it goes through the village of Holywell, so therefore nice and peaceful. 

She was not mooving - but he wasn't far away!

Brownhill Staunch & Lock

Holywell - love this village but it is prone to flooding hence these cottages were built higher up
 These are photos of the flora and fauna that we saw along the way,  plus lunch time liquid refreshment

Apart from an odd sprinkle of rain which stopped before we got our rain capes on it was a beautiful day, not too hot, just comfortable for walking and I only got one bite.

Not sure what the plan is for today - its a public holiday here.  Peter has gone off to do a platelets donation which will take a couple of hours round trip, so I shall go and weed the front garden and hope he has planned what we will do by the time he gets back.  I have plenty of 'jobs', but don't feel inclined to do them


  1. My Kind of a day. The village looks so lovely. The refreshments even lovelier.
    We used to bicycle and walk alot on just such journeys, but have lost the habit. Perhaps it's time to go at it again.

  2. Cows! I love petting cows, they are so sweet. That sounds like the perfect kind of walk, I definitely need to spend more time hiking in my new home state considering it is so beautiful here. You've definitely given me inspiration!

  3. Looks like a wonderful, varied walk. I love a good tramp!

  4. Love those cottages. I wish we had buildings like that here in the states.

  5. Can I come with you on your next walk?!? :)

  6. Oh, to be in England! Where else are there such beautiful walks?
    Heard that lavender oil repels mozzies (and hence stops them biting).


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