22 August 2012

WIP Wednesday - not all about the yarn

I have made some progress on my WIP's this week but first another WIP. 

Whilst going through my freezers I realised I still had blackberries that I picked last autumn along with a load of sliced apples. So without further ado I set too and started some jam

simmering the fruit - 6lbs blackberries and 4lbs apples, rind and juice of 2 lemons

adding the sugar - 10lbs

watching it dissolve - love this bit

slowly waiting for the sugar to fully dissolve

boiling it down
 and whilst we are waiting..........

the mohair shawl - slowly slowly, there are a few mistakes but I think I can live with them.  Its messy to knit with and wearing dark colours isn't advised!

I started the Grandma's Hand KAL jumper on Ravelry - I am using double knit yarn and 4mm needles which has sized down the pattern to a 24" chest.  I plan to add an 'R' on the front somewhere, though not sure where to place it right now.  I shall wait until I have finished the back, marking where the front neck shaping occurs so I can judge the best place.  I have worked out on graph paper the initial so may copy it and cut it out to get a better idea.  Now seeing the photo I should have done another stripe on the rib )-:

And because jam is more or less instant gratification........ here it is, all 22 jars of it.  Jam anyone?


  1. This is A LOT of jam looking very delicious.

  2. Wow, all that jam looks yummy! The mohair looks nice and fluffy, even if it's messy to work with.

  3. The mohair is beautiful, it will make your shawl looks like morning mist.

  4. Apple and blackberry homemade jam is simply yummy. I love it! Ive not used Mohair myself but it look like it will fluff a lot. :)

  5. I'm retiring at the end of this year and I'm going to learn to can. I love the color of your jam!

  6. Very productive---jam and knitting two projects. You are inspirational!

  7. Wow! That's a lot of jam! I've been canning tomatoes this week and am so ready to move onto jam. We're going apple picking this weekend so I 'm hoping to make some jam early next week.

  8. What Jen said ... that's a lot of jam!

    Love the colours you've picked for the sweater. I'd be tempted to add a colourwork pattern to the centre back :)

  9. ohh I'll have some of your jam! just don't let me near it and your gorgeous white mohair at the same time!

  10. I'm tracking the mohair shawl..amazing..I have no patients to attempt another one!

  11. You never cease to amaze me. Wave your wand and 22 jam jars appear out of nowhere. Enjoy your efforts. There's nothing to beat home made jam. When I lived in Birmingham I used to make blackberry and elderberry jam. Both grew wild in my then large garden. The mohair shawl is looking good and I am sure that only you will know that there are mistakes.

  12. I've never made my own jam, but you've made it look so easy! The mohair is very awesome - I'm sure it's going to be amazing when it's finished.
    It seems like your back in the zone after all the baby excitement!

  13. That jam looks amazing and you ended up with so much of it! Also, that mohair looks like a lot of fun to knit with (other than the white fiber explosion everywhere). You always make the prettiest projects out of white colorways.

  14. I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  15. I am trying to imagine the smells emanating from your kitchen during the jam making session, mmmmm Make me some toast and I'll give it a taste test! And what a mother lode of jars! Do you gift them away or use them in your family? I'm trying to picture how long it would take for my kiddos to use that amount of jam, a jar every week? Hahaha
    The mohair looks lovely, keep us posted on the progress.


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