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15 August 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have been spending a few days up in Stamford helping out whilst Tim was away, so during nap time I managed a get a bit of knitting done.  I have spent some time on the Ten Stitch Blanket managing a complete another round.  This blanket will be mainly the reds and creams, which I actually think work well, the yarn I used for the first 4 rounds is quite stiff and makes the blanket feel quite heavy, but hopefully it will be balanced out by the aran yarn which I'm using now.  At least the blanket won't slip off during use!

Before going up to Stamford I cast on Lace Shawl by Sharon Miller for Rowan.  I am using a Texere 2ply (72% Kid Mohair 28% Nylon) this yarn was a swap for some pattern books a while back which I had in my stash.  I've not knitted anything large with this kind of yarn before; I have managed the cast on 299 stitches and 2 rows of pattern, I have a feeling this will take some time

Whilst bored with what I was doing; I cast on this simple pram blanket the other week and just did a few rows here and there.  Have no plans for it, so it will more than likely go to one of the African Children Charities.

I also plan to join a KAL on Ravelry it a simple raglan jumper but the plan is for us all to personalise the jumper then compare the results.

As usual for more WIPs head over to Tamis or Yarn Along


  1. Sue dear...did I count right? Is that 4 WIPs at once????
    I love the halo of the lace yarn. Looks like a bit of a departure for you. And as always, the 10 stitches are so cleaver. One day, I will cast one on and have at it.
    Have fun with the little guys!

  2. Love the geometric look of the ten stitch, especially with the marled yarn. The mohair looks so light and fluffy. I'll be eager to see the finished project. I am not good with those really fine yarns. I admire those who can knit with them.

  3. I forgot about the ten stitch blanket and I'm not sure why, I love the texture of the yarn, it is going to be truly lovely! I'm also super jealous you are working with mohair, so nice!

  4. Love the red and cream and that mohair!

  5. HOLY MOLY...299 stitches..mohair...brave girl..I have some in my stash that I tried..well, not with 299 stitches..and it is still in the time out corner...I'm hoping one of the cats play with it and rip it out for me!

  6. I keep seeing 'ten stitch' I may have to try one for my take along project.
    Brave one with mohair and that pattern --I'll love to see the finished shawl.

  7. Must feel funny alternating between a lightweight mohair and that heavy aran :) Love the ten stitch pattern!

  8. Hi Sue, thanks for coming to visit my blog and your lovely comment. Love that red blanket! :)
    Jess x x

  9. That KAL sounds like so much fun- it's always so interesting to see what different folks come up with while knitting the same pattern.

  10. Good luck with the mohair shawl!

    I've always wanted to try one of the 10 Stitch Blankets, but am bothered that I'll get sick of having to turn it all the time. Maybe I should perfect purling backwards?!

  11. The mohair looks lovely and should be truly beautiful when finished. Looking forward to seeing your progress over the weeks. Your new 10-stitch is looking good. But when didn't they? I have not attempted joining a KAL because I am always sidetracked into making things for other people and never very much for myself. Currently making the Abravo Alpacas Galant waistcoat for someone else plus three more knit to orders awaiting attention. But I'll enjoy looking at your achievements.

  12. Oh, the sweet halo of mohair... le sigh. I'm sure the shawl will take time to complete, but it will be worth it! I can tell, it's going to be delicious!


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