30 January 2013

Because its Wednesday

I don't have any WIP photos to share today.  The ten stitch is in the same position as last week.  I finished Laurie's vest and have nearly finished with the one for Rufus.  I will share photos on Friday.

Today we have sunshine and its around 11C which is a vast improvement on last week.  It is also very windy, but I got my washing dried outside which is a bonus. I've put some polyanthus in the borders and pots,  there are some definite signs of spring in the borders, bulbs are poking through and new growth on some of the perennials, which means I need to get out and start having a tidy.  Weather looks good for tomorrow too.

I am slowly getting to grips with the new car, seems really alien having to remember to keep changing gear.  It has made me realise just how lazy driving an automatic is. Still each day is getting easier, it has been over 20 years you know.  I know my family think I'm crazy, but the older you get the harder it is to adapt to changes.

Peter came home with another bag of yarn last night and he has another to bring tonight (he cycles to work) he found them left in his truck after dropping off on Monday.  Rachel and I are going to sort through it all again tomorrow evening.  I passed the crochet blanket, squares and associated yarn to a knitting group member who knits/crochets for a African Baby Charity, she will finish off and make up baby blankets with the squares.  So nothing is going to waste.


  1. Your primroses look so bright and cheerful. Even though it's been warm here the last couple of days, we are not through with winter. Snow predicted for today and temperatures well below freezing tomorrow. I envy you your spring!

  2. Your cheery photo is just what I needed today. I received all my grandmothers yarn from the 1980's.. some of those colors!?!? I keep holding on to it think that someday I'll make an afghan she'd appreciate.

  3. You bought a manual? Everyone always says that they are easy, and fun even, to drive once you get the hang of it. But the idea of learning to drive one intimidates me. Good luck! The flowers are gorgeous, it is nice to see some bright color.

  4. oh my, glorious pictures...warms me up on this chilly day..I learned how to drive on a manual and I loved it. It's actually pretty hard to find a manual.. I got to drione a few months ago...it took a few tries..but it all came back..albeit very slowly..

  5. After seeing the cheery picture of your primroses i have decided to buy some at the grocery store today. They have just got the potted ones in, and I could use the touch of spring right now. I'm sure the manual will get easier in no time at all. There are some great advantages to having a manual instead of a standard shift.

  6. How lovely those polyanthus are. Such a contrast after the snow, snow, snow. Hope you are getting to grips with the new car.


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