22 January 2013


The drive to work was interesting, -8.5C and freezing fog.

I felt physically sick by the time I got to the A14.  I don't think I have ever felt so disoriented.  I was so pleased to finally arrive in the car park and turned the engine off, even if it is like a skating rink!  The snow is still laying and showing no signs of leaving any time soon.  I'm just thankful that the roads I use to get to and from work are clear.

I want sunshine, I want warm.  The heating in the showroom has been playing up and we have been cold there too.  A nice man came this morning and sorted it out but it still wasn't up to temperature before I went home.  Luckily I keep an extra cardigan on my chair, and I certainly needed it.

Its still foggy and -2C (forecast to be -6C before dark); I decided to give knitting group a miss this afternoon as I didn't want to drive home in the foggy dark.  Some will say pathetic but actually I'd rather sit home and knit, OK I'll need to talk to myself, but at least I'm safe and warm.


  1. Brr! It's cold here too. Too cold at 1 degree F. to take the dog on his long walk this morning. He is feeling cooped up, but I don't want to get frostbite with the wind! Stay warm!

  2. Agree with wanting the warm. I don't think anyone went to knitting today, not only because of the weather but also for other reasons. I have certainly learned the benefit of wearing a knitted hat indoors, also woollen socks. Highly recommended.

  3. I'm very glad to hear that you are both safe and warm now. I must know if the auxiliary car cardigan was handknit.

  4. It has been extremely cold here as well. I hate January and February with a passion.


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