19 January 2013

Snow Saturday

Yesterday it snowed all afternoon, quite fine snow, so we didn't have too much but enough to satisfy a small boy (big one too).

snow plough came in handy

After the snow, came the cushions - I had been smothered earlier, but luckily the camera was in the house!

Carpet picnic lunch and then a nap

Whilst he was asleep we had a visitor to the garden.  Photos taken through glass so not the clearest, plus I had to keep very still as he sensed I was there


  1. That's quite a fine snowman! And a mighty fine tractor, too. John Deere tractors were first made in Grand Detour Illinois, not too far from where I live. I think I once went on a school field trip there with one of the kids.

  2. That tractor toy is genius! I love that it not only has a snow plow attachment but also an "engine" you can fix!! I'm definitely going to get one for my first god-child or niece/nephew. You guys really wear them out with all those activities.

  3. I can't tell who had more fun - the big boy or the little one.

  4. It looks like everyone had a great time! I love your snowman, and the picture of your grandson asleep on the couch is so sweet. They always look like angels when they are asleep like that.

  5. In agreement with not knowing who had the greatest fun. Enjoy Rufus while you can. He will always treasure the memories of fun with his grandparents, a great treasure indeed.

  6. Too cute! I love seeing snowmen who use all the snow on the ground, because it reminds me of all the little kids who are so excited to play they can't wait for there to be enough to build one :)


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