28 January 2013

The yarn fairy called today........

and left lots of bags by my door.

A friend has been clearing her loft and came across her late mothers' stash.  She had planned to throw it away - she's not a knitter.  Luckily she mentioned this find to my husband and he suggested letting me look through it first..... phew!! I have him well trained.

Anyhoo, this is what there was.  Sadly I had to throw out some of it, due to the fact that it was so old it had started to rot.  I found that anything without a bit of acrylic had to hit the dump pile.

See the grey fleck, there was at least 25 balls of this and it is all dumped!!

I was very good; I went through each bag and sorted it all into colour themes. Then I went through it again and decided what I would use in terms of types of yarn, colours, weight etc.  I now have four bags that I won't be using myself.  One has lots of small amounts which I will give to a colleague as she crochets.  The second will go to my knitting group to share out.  The third has a crochet blanket half made up, with lots of crochet granny squares and the yarn for more, all pastels not my kind of thing, so I plan to take it to the charity shop. The fourth is the rejects which will go in the recycling bin.

That leaves me with this lot, along with some patterns - which I also sorted through, there were 2 folders worth and 2 bags of toy stuffing (always handy)

I now need to sort my stash cupboard and try to fit it in.  Some is already earmarked for the Ten Stitch currently being worked on, and there is some orange yarn so I can start another Ten Stitch as requested by Rufus.

The give away pile - the pile in the middle is going to the Medway ladies
Many thanks Cherry, it is very much appreciated.


  1. Wow, you hit the jackpot! Two years ago, a lady gave me a trunkload of yarn, and I have made several blankets and sweaters, and they are my favorite projects - the ones I use a lot. I also made a lot of hats and scarves for charity.

  2. Oh boy! That is a lot of yarn. Too bad so much of it was no good anymore. Still, looks like there is plenty to keep you busy for a little while.


  3. Please send the yarn fairy my way! What a haul.
    Glad R is going to get his orange.

  4. Wow that is quite the haul. It's to bad that so much is not useable.

  5. Wow that's a lot of yarn it sounds like your giving away about as much as you are keeping for yourself. Good luck knitting down your stash.

  6. oi! crocheters needs lots of yarn too!

    Nice haul :D

  7. Ooooo! The yarn fairy treated you nicely! I have stumbled upon a similar situation with fabric before, but I've never had a treasure trove of yarn dropped in my lap like this. :-D

  8. Woah! Look at that pile! I cannot even begin to imagine all of the amazing projects that yarn is going to make! Too bad that some of it rotted...

  9. Great score! this does make me feel grateful that I have wonderful sister knitters, and at least one who knows what to do with my stash if I were to leave it behind.

  10. Holy cow! A shame some of it was rotten, but still exciting all the same :)

  11. Excuse the phrase: I'm gobsmacked. I know you will make good use of it. The yarn couldn't have gone to a better person.

  12. That's quite a haul! I've been the lucky recipient of a few clear-outs myself and even when I find stuff I won't use I just love going through it all to see what's there. Too bad you had to dump so much, though.


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