26 March 2013


My neighbours gutter is leaking over our Cotoneaster in the drive, it will be interesting to see how big this gets if the weather stays as cold.  At least the snow has gone..... for now.

Easter weekend is looking cold with maybe a few snow showers on Friday.  We have so much clearing up in the garden still to do and we had hoped that the 4 day Easter holiday would break the back of it.  Not much fun working outdoors in freezing weather though.

8 week 2 days to go...........


  1. Your Cotoneaster looks very pretty but I doubt if the ice is doing it much good. I do hope the weather turns for the weekend. Everybody needs a couple of warmer days for their own reasons, not least for you to sort the garden and perhaps have some happy hours outside with the boys.

    Should I ask? 8 weeks and 2 days to what?

  2. I hope you get your warm weather soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, that does look cold! We are finally beginning to warm up a bit here. My crocus are showing a little color and should bloom soon. Yay!

  4. It's bonkers Sue. You can usually rely on being able to get out in the garden and get plenty done (even though its normally a bit chilly) but this year?! I spent an hour out there yesterday and froze. Hope you have a wonderful Easter x

  5. Oh how gorgeous, truly a winter wonderland! I'm very excited to see how your garden develops this year.


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