17 May 2013

Friday with the little boys

As usual, it was Duplo, we made a market, a farm, and church with a helipad!

We went to the market, got strawberries, asparagus and some sweet peppers for stuffing with goat cheese.  Laurie and his mum went off to baby yoga and Rufus and some of his stuffed toys had a carpet picnic.  Too cold and grey to go outside

Laurie is on the move, nothing is safe particularly Penny the cat - Cat is also now in his vocabulary along with Dad Dad


  1. I still cannot believe how patient that cat is, I'm sure they love the kitty too! Sounds like another full, happy day!

  2. Cracking photos!! what fun for you all lol

  3. Love the strawberries lined up with the animals.
    fun day with you boys as always.

  4. I love the strawberry face pictures! Duplo is wonderful. I have some stored away from when my kids were little, ready to take out for grandchildren. The Duplo years were so much better than the Lego years simply because the Duplo pieces are big enough to see, and thus avoid stepping on. I had many a painful encounter with small pieces of Lego left on the floor. :-)


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