9 June 2013

Its all go around here

We've had another busy weekend, but then that's usual around here.

We started off with my first Friday of looking after both boys for the day.  I was feeling a tad nervous, don't ask me why, but its been awhile since I had two little ones at the same time to watch.  Anyway, its was a piece of cake, we had a fun time and no tears or mishaps.  Mummy Jones went off horse riding with Rachel and one of her friends, then they went out for lunch and a bit of shopping.  We on the other hand played and ate.

Rufus decided that Pops' Harley was a good place to eat his ice-lolly, I got a call for a cloth.  Its just as well Pops loves his grandson is all I'm going to say!!!

Saturday it was all change - Pops and Tim got to look after the boys all day whilst I took the girls for a Spa Day at The Aqua Sana Spa at Centre Parks in Elevden.  

The boys spent the day at Wimpole Home Farm, this is what they got up too - theirs was pretty much eat and play too.  They capped off their day once the boys were in bed with a surf and turf dinner with large amounts of rum consumed joined by Stuart.

We on the other hand had a thoroughly indulgent day, laying around relaxing, trying out the different steam rooms, saunas, pool etc.  There was an incident in one of the steam rooms where Rebecca thought it would be funny to spray a cold hose at me, the ensuing water fight was hilarious, just thankful no one else was in there!!!  We did get some funny looks when we came out, there was a lot of screaming.  The treatments we chose were ok, not the best we have had in our spa experiences, but the overall location is superb and the facilities and restaurant lovely.  I think the best place for us was the large 3 person waterbed on the balcony overlooking the Zen Garden and Sensory Garden, we hogged one of the beds for a good part of the afternoon, just chilling, chatting and reading wrapped in fleecy blankets, very snug and cosy which was just as well as it was such a grey and overcast day.  We topped off our day with a curry at Sultans in St Ives.......so very healthy!!

I think everyone enjoyed their respective days.  The men coped well and had even managed to cook dessert, of which there was no leftovers.

So today Sunday, we started early again.  The boys were sharing a room which they don't do at home.  Laurie has a rotten chesty cough so I guess this disturbed Rufus somewhat, but then Rufus always tends to start his day early when he stays with us! We were all downstairs by 6am

Not the most flattering photo!
and crashed out again by 9:30............ he ended up asleep on Rufus' bed whilst I was reading a story, I couldn't put him in his cot as it was being used as Dumbo World by his brother

Laurie slept for 2 hours, I finally had to wake him which he wasn't too happy about.  But we did do lots of standing and even took a few faltering steps with the brick trolley, he is growing so fast nearly 10.5 months.

I hope you had good weekend.  I feel so blessed to be able to spend mine with my lovely family, and especially my grandsons.


  1. It looks like they have kept you two pretty busy this weekend. The farm looks amazing, I've never heard of a place like that!

  2. OK, that picture of the pig just casually leaning on the edge of the stall is killing me! I just want to imagine it saying something like, "Ladies. Can I offer you a drink?"

    1. I loved the pig shot, pretty good photo considering my husband too it!

  3. Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend for all. Hope Laurie gets to feeling better.

  4. What a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. You write: "I feel so blessed to be able to spend mine with my lovely family, and especially my grandsons." And I am sure that they feel blessed to have time with you. What a wonderful weekend you, Pete and the family had. Such a happy family. Hope Laurie's cough is better now.


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