4 June 2013

Knitters are the nicest people - Part 2

Washington DC & Alexandria - if you missed Part One check here

Tuesday started wet but by the time we met Joan it had cleared over.  We decided to walk from our hotel on Arlington Bvld, taking in some sites/sights on the way.

Marines Drill Team - practice for Tuesday evening event
Iwo Jima Memorial

Spanish War Memorial
One of Mr Obama's helicopters

Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam War Nurses Memorial

World War 2 Memorial
Treasury Department
Capitol Building

Smithsonian Museum
Smithsonian Institute
The White House

Memorial to the war dead of DC
Korean War Memorial - so poignant, we all felt very emotional after walking around this 
Arlington Cemetery

Wednesday morning walk around Alexandria VA - lovely old buildings

Joan's view from the condo
and another

Joan doing the salaries before we headed out to the farm


  1. I've been to DC many times, but haven't been to most of those places. I love that many of the museums are free. My favorite is the Air and Space Museum. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. Some marvellous pictures here, Sue. Just love the architecture.


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