5 June 2013

Knitters are the Nicest People - Part 3

and on to Luray VA........  we headed out from Alexandria around 2pm arriving at the farm mid afternoon, luckily avoiding too much traffic. We have been in this area before and it was a pleasure to come back. To say that it was peaceful was an understatement, all you could hear where the birds.......... that is until the trains come through in the early hours of the morning.  I'm sure the driver gave an extra hoot just for us!!

Kate and the boys were with us on Wednesday evening, they are back from two years in California and will be living very close which is a delight for Joan & Fritz, especially with grandson #3 on the way.  Kate writes a great blog - Daffodil's - it was a pleasure to finally meet her and the boys.

They wanted a fire - its was pushing 90 degrees

Marshmallow anyone?

Cullen modelling his "England" shirt

Front porch on the playhouse

Hose fun
Slip and slide
View from the pool
Just a few strawberries
Resident cows
Spot of front porch knitting over a vodka lemonade!
Joan & Fritz
View from the back porch
We decided to just hang out at the farm, spending Thursday chatting, picking strawberries and knitting, putting the world to rights and getting to know one another, lets face it there is only so much you can say in an email.  Peter had an off day, feeling sick and dizzy, we think it may have been the heat, but after a quiet day resting he was ok for the evening.

Friday came around far too fast, and we said our goodbyes late morning, leaving Joan and Fritz to their lovely home.  I am so envious of the views, I would be more than happy washing up to their views!!

All in all it was a wonderful trip, all the nerves evaporated once we had met these generous ladies.  I know our girls were worried that we might be walking into some internet psycho's lair but I can assure them we never did see the basements!!

I have to say a big thank you to the men in our lives, for them it was a bigger deal, strangers in their home, someone they didn't know to entertain.  I think it went well for them, I know Peter enjoyed himself.  And to Peter, thank you so much for doing this for me and for taking on the driving, even with the help of Nora the navigator (Sat Nav) who decided it would be fun to take us through Washington DC in the dark!!

Again, thank you both so much for inviting us to your homes, we really did enjoy ourselves and there is an open invitation for a return visit to the UK. Kathy, Joan we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.......

................until the next time x

If you missed them, then here are Part One & Part Two.  You can see our trip from Joan's angle here and here


  1. Great pictures! Cullen is still loving his England shirt, he has worn it several times. We hope to meet again one day. Maybe Mom and I can take a girls' weekend ;)

  2. Oh they live in paradise! Gorgeous! It is so fun to see you two knitting together too, isn't it wonderful how it can bring people together? I find the fire funny, my family enjoys summer fires for some reason too. I'm glad that the trip went so well, and I can't say I'm surprised to hear that they turned out to be such lovely people, every blog friend I've met up with has been a joy to spend time with.

  3. What a great place to live. So pleased you and Pete had a wonderful time and thank you for sharing your adventures with us. xx


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