24 June 2013

Not a penny spent

I am really pleased with my weekend's work.  First I transformed some pine fitting from our downstairs cloakroom from this..........

...........to this

and the room from this..........

..........to this

All that's needed now is for hubby to put the light fitting back and the jobs done. I had all the paint so this room has cost nothing other than my time.  There are a couple of pictures that need to go up and I do need some frames for these, but hopefully I can pick up some in the charity shop and paint them.

I also managed to get a cardigan finished, its currently blocking so once dry I will take some photographs and share them with you.  I have now started another hat and socks with some more of the Regia yarn, the pattern is from the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders book I got the other week.  It's knitting up so nicely, I love these yarns.


  1. Inspiring. I have a loo that needs doing too ....

  2. Fabulous. I love blue and white vignettes.
    And the new blog look? Wonderful. Goodness you've been productive.

  3. What a productive weekend! It looks very nice!

  4. It looks great! Amazing what a few wee changes can make!

  5. You have certainly been busy, new bathroom arrangement and new blog layout! The bathroom looks so much better with your changes too. I love your sink, my parents house has one just like it.

  6. You put me to shame. Our kitchen is still waiting to be finished after almost five years.

    What a transformation you made! I just love the shelving with the blue and white china. For years I've been trying to change our house to blue with white, cream and silver/chrome but Dave has other ideas.


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