10 June 2013

Slowly slowly in the garden

I know we all bang on about the weather and its effects on the garden but this year everything has gone in later and the harvest will also be late if the progress of my plants are anything to go by. Weeds seem to tolerate anything, we have plenty of those that need pulling.

This was the sight that met us when we got back from holiday

Our apple tree today 10 June
How can a cold snap do this?  So much promise a month ago )-:

This was our apple tree on 10 May
Chives in bloom
Runner beans
Climbing Round and Runner Beans
Swiss Chard
Beetroot - this box was set all over but this is all that came up!
Some very late Broad Beans tucked in with a Raspberry
Self set Potato
Mint we have plenty of this!!
Either Squash or Courgette
Ditto above
Another potato coming up in my cutting Sunflower box

Foxgloves finally coming into flower
Fremontodendron - Pacific Sunset

Some of the new goldfish



new growth on Bay Tree


  1. ooooo.so sorry about the apples. The rest is looking great though. Terrific photo of the bee in the flower. Yellow is my favorite (along with the rest of the colors!).

  2. Oh I want a mint like that! It is so healthy and happy! The chives are also really pretty, I don't think I've ever seen them bloom that magnificently.

  3. Sorry about your veg. We didn't plant tomatoes this year seeing as they have failed for the past few. No room for other veg. Glad to say our apple and cherry tree are OK but lost all the pear blossom so no fruit for the second year running, and some of the fruit bushes remain barren. Plenty of strawbs though and just a few raspberries and blackberies. The weather has a lot to answer for. But the remainder of your garden looks as beautiful and colourful as ever. It may be hard work for you but well worth it. xx


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