14 July 2013

Sunday, a day to rest!!

Not in this house, the gardening carried on a pace yesterday, until the heat drove me in, but I managed another 4 hours out there.  This morning hubby and I have been out since 8:30am, we have been blessed with an overcast morning, so it has made the remaining gardening tasks a whole lot easier.  So without further ado.  Here is our tidy garden........for a while........ there is always something to do!

Lawn starting to go brown )-:

it was lovely watching the birds have a bath yesterday

Lots of daisies!

Wild strawberries, so fragrant

And to prove I have had some relaxing time I knitted another little hat.  This is some grey sock yarn by Zettl with the remaining bit of the yarn I dyed myself, I ended up with about an inch left after the flower

I am now going to spend the afternoon with some knitting, but first get some lunch I think..... bread, cheese and a glass of cider


  1. Your garden is amazing! It must take a lot of work to keep it so beautiful. It looks like the grounds for a movie set. :-)

  2. I love your little hat. Can you direct me to the pattern? I like the loops at the bottom, they finish off the hat nicely. thank you

  3. All that work sure does produce the most lovely results, both in the garden and off the needles. I think you deserve a very fine lunch.

  4. If our garden looked like yours we would think that we had moved. But all the work you and Peter do is well worth the effort. The hat is lovely too. The little flower is a superb finishing touch. Your lunch sounds just the ticket after a morning in the garden.


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