9 October 2013

Coming along a pace

Good afternoon, and thanks for popping in for a look at this weeks' works in progress.  As the title suggests I am making headway with Laurie's Ten Stitch.  Some of the yarn I used when I made the one for Rufus has run out so I am having to improvise a bit, but they will be near enough the same. Three rounds to go, it just keeps getting bigger!

Next on the needles is what I'm calling No pastels here!! - the pattern is Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea. So why no pastels?  As you possibly know if you are a regular reader, my youngest daughter is expecting a baby in February.  She likes brights, no pastels for her.  My problem is that we do not know the gender of the baby, so I am trying to choose patterns and yarn that can 'do' either sex. I plan to make some girly bits as add-ons if we are graced with a little girl.  To be honest new babies grow so fast that anything I knit will soon be grown out of, I'm only going with a small size until the baby is born.  So along with this cardigan will be a navy one with cream spots, something in a dark jade/blue and something multi striped.  Its quite surprising how many people put babies in dark colours these days.  I actually love them too.  The yarn I'm using here is Caron Simply Soft, and it is!

As usual more WIPs at Tamis and Yarn Along


  1. Can't wait to see all the new baby items done up. Most everything on my needles right now are slated for Christmas, so no showing them off just yet.

  2. It looks like good progress is being made on the Ten Stitch. And how exciting to have another grandchild on the way to knit for! Not knowing the sex of the baby can be a challenge, but you are right. I have noticed that moms are putting colours on their babies now that we never would have when our kids were little. It gives you a bit more choice when picking yarn colours. I have to say that knowing the gender of the baby ahead of time can be nice, but also a bit scary. I knit items that were definitely girlish, then waited anxiously until Lucy was born to see if the ultrasound reading had actually been correct. Ha!


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