28 October 2013

What did you do with yours?

As promised here is a photo laden post of the little boys.

It was a great weekend, tiring, especially as we changed the clocks from British Summer Time, giving us an extra hour in bed!!  Ya right!! So what did you do with your extra hour?

Laurie is now walking, which makes life a whole lot easier, not so much carrying around, which is much easier on the old hip!

Stop taking pictures!!

woke too early from his nap, so cuddled back down for another 30 minutes

Laurie does love his food, its a real pleasure to feed him. I was actually surprised at how many pictures had him eating in them.  All good stuff though, must remember to peel the apple as I kept finding bit of spat out peel everywhere.

The weather stayed reasonably nice, very windy and apart from a shower on Saturday which had us trying to find cover at the playground - picture 3 adults (and one of those pregnant) and two children sheltering in a play train - it was good.  Unlike this morning where it was blowing a gale, and torrential rain.  Mustn't complain though I think our neck of the woods got off lightly.

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  1. Always a pleasure to see photos of those handsome boys!


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