24 January 2014

Knitting - Meet Rosy Rabbit

If you follow WIP Wednesday then you will have seen this rabbit in pieces. All pattern/yarn details are on the WIP link.

 I actually thought when I looked at the photo later that it looked like a dissection class!!

Anyway she is now finished.  I am never really happy with the features, I can never get the mouth to look like the picture.  Wasn't sure if she looked a bit like Hitler!?  The eyes and nose are sticky backed velcro dots which saves a lot of agonising.  I decided against the fairisle pattern on the dress as it was getting lost (you can see what I mean on the bottom) in the multi coloured yarn, and it actually looks pretty enough without it.

I had best get cleared up and get on with some housework and jobs. Going out later to enjoy one of my Christmas presents - dinner and the theatre with Rachel, we are off to see Black Coffee at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge.

Have a great weekend.  I will be casting on another white cardigan, I pulled out the wrap over one from last week as wasn't keen on how it was knitting up.  Thats the great thing about knitting the yarn is never wasted.


  1. She is adorable!! Much prefer her to the live ones that abound in our neighborhood. The dogs go crazy when they see them scampering outside our door.

  2. Rosy is lovely and her dress is too cute.
    Have fun on your outing Sue!

  3. Really cute! Visiting from Creative Friday.

  4. Rosy Rabbit is a cutie:)

  5. Oh, I want a rabbit! she's lovely. Who will be the lucky owner?

  6. Gorgeous rabbit! Her dress is amazing.

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminados-sombrerero-y-liebre-de-marzo/

  7. I love the dress, and I agree, the Fair Isle is probably "too much." I have the same anxiety about features, but rest assured - she doesn't look like Hitler :).


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