10 February 2014

Family & Knitting - all go

It has been a great weekend.  The boys arrived Thursday tea-time and stayed til yesterday afternoon.  We had fun, not too many photographs, they just don't keep still these days.

another lounge "tent" - this stayed up all weekend

Can you knit hats for my bunnies? - luckily I had 5 knitted egg cosies, job done
Their Mummy turned up with a large ball of orange yarn.  Whilst Laurie was napping on Friday Rufus asked me to knit them a hat each.  The yarn was super bulky so 36 sts 10mm needles and 1.5 hours later two hats and pompoms made.

We managed to get out in the garden for a while

They love a stick

Ru's hovercraft, very inventive I thought
Saturday we left the boys with Peter for the day and took Rachel out for a bit of shopping and lunch before she has the baby.  Due date is 23rd so we are on a countdown, of course she could go overdue....... lets hope not the suspense is killing me and my already bad sleep pattern

Sunday was more play - sofa arm caps become shepherd capes!  I will spare the adults their blushes, but believe me they were all wearing them!

 Then on to my knitting -

Pattern  - Sublime #617 - Peach Sorbet Cardi, knitted in Colorado cotton

Pattern - Little Deck Shoes from Sublime #634 knitted to go with the Vintage Matinee Coat

Craft group today - cast on Little Ruby from Sublime #634

What did you do with your weekend?  What are you currently knitting? Do tell


  1. I am working on one of my two wip blankets. One is almost done. When finished, it will be put away until I decide who the lucky recipient will be! These are, after all, the magical sleep blankets. One falls asleep as soon as it's wrapped around, or so I've been told. Made from Caron Simply Soft, two strands together, it is a soft, warm blanket. I am dying to start something new, but am resisting so far...
    I love the hats! What a wonderful Granny, knitting must be like magic to them, they ask and it appears!

  2. What a terrific weekend you had! My youngest daughter came to visit and help me celebrate my birthday a few days early. As far as knitting, I have cast on Strokkur for my Olympics project.


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