23 February 2014

Family - Once, twice, three times a grandparent

The news we have been waiting for, our youngest daughter Rachel gave birth to a daughter yesterday evening, after a grueling 26 hour (and that was just the time from entering the hospital) labour.

Let me introduce Miss Jessica Peggy Anne Riddle, she weighs 7lbs 10oz.

from Facebook this morning
We went to visit this afternoon, goodness she is so sweet and snuggly

one tired Mummy

snuggling with Aunty Rebecca

few little marks from the forceps
don't I look pleased!

Nanna meeting her first grandchild

Well done Rachel, and thank you Stuart for supporting Rachel through this ordeal, I'm sure it wasn't pleasant for either of you but the end result was well worth it, so proud of you both. You entered the hospital as a couple and left it today a family xx

I see lots of girly knitting in my future - but not before I finish the boys sweaters!


  1. Congratulations Sue! She is a beautiful baby, and I love the pictures of you holding her! I'm sorry to hear Rachel had a rough go of it. You are going to have so much fun knitting little girl things!

  2. What a little beauty. Congratulations!

  3. Many congratulations to you all. Children are the most wonderful gift from God:)

  4. What a beautiful baby! congratulate the parents from me, too! such a hard time,but their daughter is beautiful.I hope her mom gets some rest now, too.

  5. Is there anything better than a sleeping baby held close to the chest?!!
    Beautiful Jessica born into a beautiful family. Congratulations to All!

  6. What a little doll. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations on your new granddaughter. She is just gorgeous and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful handknits you make for her too.

  8. Congratulations to everyone. So glad everything turned out well in the end. She is adorable.

  9. Congratulations to the whole family. Jessica really is a beauty and obviously will be surrounded by love.

  10. Adorable pics Maureen, will have a good look around after I have been to the nursing home. I have joined your blog..xxAnnie

    1. think you may have the wrong person, no Maureen here. But thanks for joining the blog!

  11. Huge congratulations to you all, so exciting to have a new member of the family! Enjoy all the baby snuggles!

  12. O sweet baby! Congrats Sue, she is beautiful! Hope Baby and Mum are doing well!


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