1 February 2014

Family - those boys

Yesterday I got to spend time with the boys.  I usually see them once a fortnight, sometimes more; but in that time they change so much.  They certainly seem to get taller.  Rufus amazed me yesterday by telling me all the numbers on the houses we were passing and Laurie is now stringing words together and at 18 months, I think he is doing great. He also knows which buttons to press to wind his brother up!!

I realised that I never posted any photos from the last visit so these photos will be a mix of the two.  You can also spot some of my knitwear, some of which is looking past its best. Looks like I need to get on to some new sweaters for the boys.

He had to sharpen each pencil before I was allowed to do any colouring in

Last time, they had fun making a "tent" from a couple of throws, kept them amused for ages

Rufus made this robot all by himself

bit short in the body me thinks

We love spending time with the boys and are looking forward to them coming to stay next week.  They are staying for 3 nights so there will be plenty of photo opportunities if not much sleep.


  1. Well Sue, at this moment we have much the same going on here, plus one.
    Always love seeing pictures of your grands. They are quite the handsome boys.

  2. You have such handsome grandsons Sue! And you are so very fortunate to be able to see them so often. It must be nice to see them wear the things you have knit for them!


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