25 February 2014

Knitting - fueling the passion

I went to Aldi today. I had meant to go on Sunday but couldn't really concentrate on anything funnily enough.

There was still plenty of yarn left today, if you like sparkly or fancy yarn then you will be spoilt for choice, as no one seemed to be buying that, also lots of baby yarn in icky pastel colours.

First off the block is the double knit, 100% acrylic, 4 x 100 grams balls at £4.99 for each pack. There were other colours. I also got the Cool Knits for Kids book which was £1.99.

Then we have the aran weight also 100% acrylic 400 gram ball at £4.99 per ball.

They also had loads of summer flowering bulbs at 99p per pack.  I got some last year and they were very good. I can always find some gaps to fill and who doesn't love a riot of summer colours in the garden

I need to get myself outside and start clearing some more of the borders so I can get these in, always something to do..


  1. With all that yarn to knit and all those bulbs to plant, just when are you going to have time for Baby J cuddles??? :)

  2. Wow gorgeous colours to knit with congratulations on your daughter giving birth looks like you will be knitting more :)
    Vic x


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