16 February 2014

Weekend - Spring is in the air

What is going on with the weather?  It has been a weekend of contrasts.  Yesterday it was so windy at times it was hard to walk, then today we have had wall to wall sunshine and soft breezes.  Its no wonder the plants are confused.

We took ourselves out for a walk this afternoon to check out the flooding around us.  We are lucky in our part of the country, whilst we do get flooding, at no point has there been a risk to property so far.  Most years the river and lakes near to us overflow and this year is no exception. The busway footpath is flooded in four places from the nature reserve to the village, but we were able to get through to the nature reserve with just a little paddle.  Walking along the top of the busway bank at least gets us round the flooded pathway but can be a bit risky when the bus comes, a case of turning your back to it so as not to get caught by the back draft!

Cherry Plum blossom - bit early I would say

hedgerow Snowdrops
These snowdrops and aconites are in the grounds of the Old Manor House

This is the driveway to the Old Vicarage House, you can just make out the snowdrops on the far bank, normally there are more on the driveway

I've been busy knitting as well this weekend.  I cast on the first jumper for the boys but as I won't see them for a couple of weeks I decided to get on with some promised dolls clothes and blanket for Lucy.  Here is the blanket I made her.  I had made the "duck square" ages ago and just added a frame around it then double crocheted the edge, works great on a kiddies pushchair. I have also made a dress, which just needs sewing up, then I will work on a hat and cardigan to go with it.  Something else to cross off the list.

This we are hoping, is going to be an exciting week -  2 babies due, my niece Lauren on Tuesday and Rachel next Sunday, of course they could both be another 2 weeks yet, but it doesn't stop the excitement mounting.

Watch this space for announcements.  I hope you have had a great weekend, do tell

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  1. I'm glad to hear you haven't suffered too badly from the flooding. The duck blanket is very cute! I'm sure excitement levels are very high at your house right now!


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