12 October 2014

Weekend - not quite over yet

Before I sit down and relax I thought I'd get this post out of the way.  Its been a busy weekend.

Yesterday I had the day to myself as Peter was out with Tim and the boys.  It had rained overnight so the garden was a bit damp first thing, with more rain to come (it didn't).  So I had a quick tidy round then set to and made an apple cake.  The recipe was from Cooking Classy - Irish Apple Cake.  I used bramley apples as I had lots, it turned out fine.  Best eaten on the day warm, we had a bit today and not quite so nice cold, but I'm sure popping it in the microwave for a short burst will help

Whilst the cake was cooking I cleaned my boots, and sorted the wardrobes and drawers.

I then spent the afternoon in the garden doing a bit more clearing up.

Today we have been outside since 10am and got lots done.  We found a great crested newt under one of the rotting herb boxes.  Peter tucked him out of sight of the chickens and hopefully he will find somewhere is hibernate for the winter

New herb bed, do you think it mean that the sage is right by the chicken run?

bit late for this Yucca flower, hopefully we will get to enjoy it before a frost
this bee was having fun in the Mahonia flowers
bee in action
last sunflowers
I have updated the Our Garden page so for more photos check it out.

Now I'm going to get back to my knitting.  The short row scarf is coming along, I got the lace pattern done and I'm now onto the short rows.  I have another cardigan request for Miss J, so pattern and yarn already in a bag waiting.  Never a dull moment.


  1. I don't know which I like better: the apple cake, or the critter, or your knowledge about him and willingness to give him a habitat. On warming baked goods: yes, I agree, very few baked items don't profit from a bit of warming to bring out the flavor and lighten the texture.

  2. How nice that you still have some flowers blooming. I didn't plant any mums this year, so everything's pretty well gone here. I like the pictures of your husband's hands holding the newt.

  3. Really nice photos Sue. I hope the newt shows itself when the boys are around.

  4. Some beautiful photos, that newt is quite special :)

  5. Lovely photos! You had such a product day, it's fantastic. We had a rainy weekend here as well.


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