1 January 2015

Hello 2015

Happy New Year

A whole fresh year 
One to fill with only good things, hopefully  
I don't make resolutions, easily made, easily broken

My one wish for this year 
is that all those near and dear to me
are above all happy and healthy

The first dilemma of 2015 is that I can't decide which buttons to put on a cardigan I'm knitting!

This is the pattern -

This is the colour it being knitted in and the button choices -

BTW the pocket is coming off as I'm not happy with how it looks, really shouldn't sew in bad light with 3 glasses of champagne inside me!

Don't like these -

 The next two photos are the same button just a different way round -

Leaning to either of the next two -

Not sure ?

Too pale??

We are off to the cinema today - final episode of the Hobbit.  Its a dull, grey day, so perfect for the cinema.

The last few days have been lovely and we got in another walk yesterday along the river.  Here are a few photos to record the day.  A few hardy souls braving the cold

Happy new year to all xx


  1. I quite like the round wooden buttons. I hope the movie is good. My kids saw it on the 28th and loved it.

  2. Happy New Year Sue! What a sweet little cardigan! I like the second choice right after you say you are leaning to either of the next two.

  3. I like the darker buttons. I do like the squarer buttons but I always have an issue with getting them through the button hole (That's just me though!)
    Hope you enjoyed the film.


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