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30 June 2015

June in pictures

Blink and you missed it.  Where did June go?  Summer has finally arrived and of course we are all moaning its too hot now.  I guess we are never satisfied, but I think its a case of all or nothing with the UK weather, we never get just a spell of nice, calm, warm.  It promises to be a sticky night, highs of 20c (68F).

So what did we do in June? Made a nice seating area, flowers in the garden, new life on the river, a birthday boy, camping weekend, Strawberry Fair, knitting, stash sorting, grandchild care.


  1. It sounds like you've had a wonderful month, Sue! It's always a treat to see pictures of your grandchildren.

  2. Time is marching by rather quickly. Too quickly
    . Lovely
    recap of a .Greatt month.

  3. You did lots in June by all accounts. Let's hope July passes a little slower!

  4. Your flowers are lovely -- the foxglove is especially nice. What a super birthday cake, with a surprise in the middle. Fun.


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