15 February 2017

Halfway through Feb already

The weeks go by so fast, yet at times the days drag - especially when you are at work!!  I really don't want to wish the day away, but I guess we have all been there.

My knitting carries on a pace, not much else to do on these cold wet evenings and weekends.  The garden is perking up, lots of signs of spring, but short of a bit more tidying not a lot to do out there.

Yesterday was my birthday, another year older, but another new year to look forward too.  I guess you have to appreciate every one you are given.  Lets face it no one knows whats around the corner for them.

My girls and grandchildren gave me a surprise on Monday, I got home from work/grocery shopping and was just bringing the bags into the house, when they all jumped out on me.  I can tell you its the biggest fright I have had in a long time.  They came bearing gifts and stayed and cooked us a lovely dinner, all forgiven and of course it was great to see them all!

So here's what I've been doing since last I posted

I've been knitting these in between projects but finished them off at the weekend - hate doing faces

Also made 2 batches of marmalade, pictures below are just the first batch


  1. Happy Birthday a day late, Sue! That was so thoughtful of your daughters to surprise you like that. Once again you have amazed me with all the knitting you've done. It also reminds me that I have been meaning to make one of those rabbits. It might make a good first birthday present for grandson Oliver in April.

  2. Birthdays seem to come round faster as I age ..... odd that!
    Happy Birthday : )
    I do love a homemade marmalade - yummy yummy!


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