11 December 2009

I knew there was a problem

today I have been to Ely hospital for someone to finally look at my neck problem.

After months of being told go away and put up with it. ££££'s spent on osteopaths, acupuncture and Bowen technique I have been seen by someone that was interested. After a lengthy chat she got me to do various exercises to which my neck responded badly, to a point where there was an audible clunk, she said "what on earth was that", I said "that was my neck!!!" She said "that is seriously wrong". So I have had 3 x-rays, she will phone me Monday after the consultant has seen them and advise what the problem is. Basically the large muscles front and back of my neck are guarding an injury, what it is she's not sure as apart from a bad pull on the ab cruncher I've not done anything else, as in no accidents/whiplash. I may have to have my neck immobilised before things can be put right, we didn't go into details on that until they are sure whats wrong! So watch this space.

On my needles - just finished another pram blanket in blues, pattern chosen by Peter, so possibly for Baby Jones if his mummy to be likes it (she wants a blue pram so not an indication on the sex of the baby).

I will be making some sample squares and basic knitting instructions/patterns for a Youth knitting group we are starting in the new year and apart from that not sure what to knit next. I have loads of yarn to use, I am on an self-inforced no yarn buying programme at present and need to clear some out before the January sales!!!!

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