5 February 2010

Awake early + rain = Friday

Good morning, yes up before the lark! Awake since 4:15, up since 5am, checked my email, Facebook and Ravelry so now time to update my blog.

Plans for the weekend? The plan is I have no plans, which is actually quite nice.  So apart from getting my hair done this morning, a free weekend lays ahead - apart from the usual washing and housework.  On the subject of hair, at what age do you decide to give in and go grey gracefully?  I get my roots done every 6 weeks, me thinks it should be sooner than that, I'll have to have words.  But honestly, when do you decide enoughs enough? My husband and daughters say carry on, but for how long?  I don't want to end up one of those sad old ladies with an obvious dye job.

The rain has put paid to any hopes of getting out in the garden, I have so much clearing up to do, a quick look round earlier this week shows a few snowdrops peaking through and the aconites are putting on a show in the border on the drive, other than that it looks sad and neglected.

On my needles
- making up samples for Stitched Up - the knitting part of the girls craft group starts on Monday, hope they all behave and don't stab anyone with the needles
- playmat -making up the last of the applique flowers then I need to sew them all on, wadding and backing
Whatever you do with your weekend, have fun, I'm sure I will.....

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