27 October 2011

The 70's a decade of firsts.......

This week I have had cause to reflect back to the 1970's.  Good times, and not so good times, and as the title says a decade of firsts, and there were so many. For me when I think back to the 70's two songs spring to mind immediately. Give me just a little more time by Chairman of the Board

and Band of Gold by Freda Payne

Both were released in 1970. I remember I was helping out on a Saturday in a shop and these two songs were on the radio all the time.

Music has always played a huge part in my life, I loved to dance and most weekends (and in the week as I got older) you would find me at one of the following - Howard Mallett Club (Blues & Soul), The Rex (bit of everything), Dorothy Ballrooms (only just as it closed in 72), the Plough & Harrow (more on that later) and the Taboo Club.

So to those firsts - well like us all it was that first love - you know the one you thought was real love but turned out to be anything but!!  That first broken heart - the one where you thought you'd cry forever and then along comes the next charming lad and its broken heart what broken heart?  That first hangover, the "I'll never do that again" and you do, why oh why don't we remember how bad it feels. 

Then comes that first holiday without your parents, the one where you try that first cigarette, experience more hangovers.  I'm pleased to say the cigarettes went out the window but can't say the same for the drink - still a girl has to have one vice.  Talking of vices mine in those days were SHOES.  What girl doesn't love shoes, I had dozens of pairs, all colours, all heights, each new outfit had a pair of shoes to go with them.  I worked all hours to keep myself in shoes.  In fact whilst at school I earned more money from my part time jobs than I did from my first full time wage. Shame I didn't work as hard at school...... but I've done ok.

Next comes that first job - an admin role for a publishing company - what a good time we all had. I got to go up to London for the first time on my own to visit the printers, go to County Shows, meals out and parties - it didn't last long around 12 months and the company went bust - but we did have a good time.  Along with full time work came foreign holidays - Majorca, Yugoslavia - girly holidays.

But roll back a few years - whilst still at school I met Peter for the first time (and Judy met Steve her husband) - Judy and I were in the Plough & Harrow our regular haunt on a Thurs/Fri or Saturday night - along with half the teenage/young adults of Cambridge it was "the place to be".  So busy that I'm sure Health and Safety would have something to say these days.  When you managed to get a drink the only place you could have it was by your mouth it was such a crush, anyway this is where we met.  This song reminds me of that time - Albatross by Fleetwood Mac - I think only the 4 of us know why but it makes me smile when I hear it

My time with Peter the first time round was short lived only a matter of months, and this song will mean something to him - Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding

We would meet one another from time to time as you do with us both being local and going to similar places. I had contact with Judy - who by then had moved away with her family - and it was through her and Stephen that Peter and I got together again. Not that the road to true romance was smooth.  I had had a number of unsatisfying jobs during the intervening years and when I agreed to go out with Peter again I was just embarking on a career with the WRAF, we met in the January and I was due to leave for Hereford in the March.  Due to my previous experience with him I decided that I would stick with my plan and that if we were meant to be together it would work out.  Needless to say it did, months of trips backward and forwards at weekends, letters during the week - its true absence does make the heart grow fonder.  My time in the WRAF wasn't wasted though I made several friendships which I still maintain, albeit, not as often as I should.

And so to more firsts.... the engagement, the house purchase,  making a home, the wedding and then learning how to be a married couple, not like today when most couple live together - frowned upon in my day, whilst we had had holidays and weekends together not the same as 24/7, but we worked through it. We went to lots of weddings in the late 70's, I'm pleased to say most are still together, but there were a few casulties along the way. Then we found ourselves at the end of the decade, 1979, pregnant with our first baby looking forward to what the 80's would bring.......

Your songs.....

With reference to my previous post here are a few of "your songs"

For Megan and John - hope you are enjoying Australia

Don't you just love the moves!!

For Joan and Fritz - hope you have a bottle of champagne handy - very good choice, you know Clapton is one of our all time favourite artists

David - I can't bring myself to add your suggestion.  Do you and Maggie have a 'song'

For my Peter, another song that means a lot to us, released the year we were married - 1977

Enjoy - its not to late to have "Your Song" played here so drop me a comment

25 October 2011

Our song...........

Do you and your significant other have an "our song"?  This is ours, I only have eyes for you by Art Garfunkle. I've not heard it for a while but got to thinking about it recently. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  I would be really interested to know what "your song" is so drop me a message and share

and here are the lyrics

My love must be a kind of blind love.
I can't see anyone but you

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright.
I only have eyes for you, dear.

The moon may be high,
But I can't see a thing in the sky.
'Cause I only have eyes for you.

I don't know if we're in a garden
Or on a crowded avenue.
You are here, so am I.
Maybe millions of people go by.
But they all disappear from view.

And I only have eyes for you.

24 October 2011

amazing what you can do.......

this was one of Rachel's favourite jumpers and she was loathe to chuck it out, but it had got to the point of no more wear, slightly felted and too short in body and sleeves.  We spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon seeing what we could do with it.

not a bad haul - we even made a cat toy out of the cut off seams - just out of picture

21 October 2011

Brynwood Giveaway.......

Yesterday I arrived home to a parcel from the US. It is always lovely to receive a parcel and even lovelier when I opened it and found not only my Pumpkin Bread T-towel, but other gifts too.

The lovely and talented Donna of the Brynwood Needleworks blog had included a sweet bag of candy corn - which I need to hide from hubby, a dates book, a Breast Cancer friendship bracelet and a picture postcard of Tag with a kind message.

Thank you so much Donna for your generous gifts and I promise to make and post about the bread. If you need inspiration to take up crafting then check out Donna's blog she is one gifted lady and has a way with words too. 

Thanks again x

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19 October 2011

WIP Wednesday #17

Happy Wednesday to you all - its a cold one, well I have been cold all day.  With the temperatures dipping my thoughts turn to accessories, hats, scarves etc.  Last week's hats and scarves for my grandson are completed, so I have started a Short Row Scarf for myself. Its a Lion Brand pattern which I have changed slightly - added 10 rows in stocking stitch to break up the garter stitch, it looks ok, hangs ok, so I'm happy. 

The yarn I'm using came from the local charity shop it looks like James Brett Marble so the variation in colour helps add interest to the scarf as well. 

The ten stitch blanket has been neglected this week, just managed a couple of sides

I thought you might like to see my garden room all lovely and cosy with the log burner alight, a perfect place to sit and knit.  We are still trying to decide whether we need curtains, I say no as its supposed to be a garden room, with views of the garden, but with the dark evenings now upon us it does feel a bit 'open'

For more WIP's head to Tami's

17 October 2011

the season of mists.....

and mellow fruitfulness - where is the mention of FROST in that.  Yes, frost on Saturday morning, that was a nasty surprise.  Can you believe only 2 weeks ago we were in shorts enjoying the heat!

Another busy weekend -  Friday with my little man

Saturday - town for a bit of shopping - a few bargain, coffee and a beer

Sunday - long walk, gardening, family to a roast dinner - you should have seen my yorkshire puddings

Not liking this cold weather, but its a good reason to light the wood burner in the garden room, its very effective, so effective we ended up in t-shirts and had the door open, obviously all that insulation works....

12 October 2011

WIP Wednesday #16

Who would have thought it, I now have 3 WIP's on the go, getting into bad habits. While waiting to find some more yarn to complete cardigan #4, I have knitted up a couple of hat and scarf combos for my grandson and done a few rounds on the old ten stitch.

I finally received said ball of yarn yesterday, so just the last sleeve to finish tonight then sew up.  I'll have enough yarn for a matching hat then I must get them posted off.  Baby is due at the end of the month, but who knows it may come earlier. Nothing much to report otherwise so see you next week.

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9 October 2011

Last of the season

All the eating apples are now picked, with the help of the birds and the cat.  We made juice until the motor on the food processor burnt out; it wasn't really made for chopping up the quantities of apples we put through it so can't complain, just a shame it didn't wait til we had finished.

Anyone got any recipes for very sharp grapes, the tomatoes we are coping with, nothing like a plate of tomatoes fried with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on some nice crunchy toast.

Some apples for eating and a French Apple cake  - thanks for the recipe Joan; and another picture of Audrey as she's so pretty
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PS - The apple cake is delicious, especially when it warm.............mmmmmmmmmmmm

8 October 2011

I won a Giveaway

I have just found out that I'm a winner on Brynwood Needleworks blog site.  Donna was doing an 800th blog post giveaway and I won a prize.  I chose to receive, if I won, a tea towel  partly because I figured it would be cheaper for Donna to ship, but also because I thought it looked fun, so thank you very much Donna, I will look forward to receiving it.

Keep up the good work, I love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful work your produce, Tag is so cute too.

They say confession is good for the soul

Knitting & Stitching Show October 7th 2011

My Alexandra Palace purchases

Sirdar Denim Tweed DK - 1000grams/3720yds/3400m - acrylic/cotton/wool
Sirdar Country Style DK 1000grams/3480yds/6580m - acrylic/nylon/wool

The yarn below was in a goodie bag which I got when I purchased a years' subscription to Handmade Living Magazine.  The bag included, 3 magazines, 3 knitting pattern booklets and this yarn

Sock yarn - 100grams/420m - virgin wool/acrylic/nylon

Boucle Chunky - 150grams/174m - 70% Black Hills wool & 30% mohair produced in South Island of New Zealand - feels lovely
Buttons and sequins purchased on request by eldest - hope they are what she's looking for!

Fabrics for christmas decorations which the youngest and I plan to make - we just need to get started. 
So all in all a good day out; we thought the attentence was down on last year, but of those there they all seemed to be spending, especially round the Black Sheep stand, thanks boys good bargains as usual, see you next year.
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5 October 2011

WIP Wednesday #15

Just back from a trip out to Abravo Alpaca Farm, an enjoyable afternoon complete with lovely cakes and tea. Thank you Frances and to Pauline for arranging it.

So onto this week's WIP's, I have two.  My first is cardigan #4 - Seaside Cardigan by Sublime Yarns.  I am using the remainder of the James Brett that I used for #3, unfortunately I have run out, so more needs to be purchased on Friday.  Again I used oddments of cream just to add a bit of interest

 WIP #2 is finally my next Ten Stitch Blanket.  I made up 4 combinations of yarn for each round and will see how things go as I don't have even numbers of the yarn.  Not sure on the combos now they are knitted up but then I always think they look strange until the blanket gets to a decent size.

This is the finished cardigan #3

The matching hat to go with cardigan #2

3 October 2011

August/September stashbusting totals

this post should really be called stash enhancement totals.  I am sorry to say - oh no I'm not - that my output was 325grams but my input was 4,540 grams, hangs her head in shame.

I can't promise that October will be any better as we are off to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on Friday; can you believe its that time of year again?  I already know that I need more white yarn to finish cardigan #4, not that it will languish in the stash so it doesn't count.  I have however, started my next 10 stitch blanket so that should shift some of the older stash and I have another bag already set aside for the one after that.  So watch those totals change, especially now the darker nights are coming

Stash totals to end September:

10,159yds + 5,640grams IN

5,980.8yds + 6,490 grams OUT

2 October 2011

the ultimate facial workout

What an amazing weekend it has been.  Higher temperatures that started early on in the week have slowly risen and given us 28 degrees C for 3 days running, summer tops came back out, dinners in the garden albeit by candle light as the nights have drawn in, paddling pool filled and the sounds of my grandson and family/friends were heard.

However, this ultimate facial workout I here you ask..... we went to see Lee Evans at the O2 last night, I can tell you we never stopped laughing from the moment he went on stage. Peter was crying, I had such a pain in my stomach from laughing. I have never heard 20,000 people laugh so hard.  The man is a genius, his observations on people and their habits makes his show hilarious. We were chuckling all the way home and still laughing this morning.  If you get the chance to catch his show live then do so, but they were recording last night for TV, so look out for it. 

As I said the weather has been beautiful but too hot to do much, the leaves are falling fast but it was just too hot to do anything about them, so we have just relaxed today in the shade, bit of knitting, listening to music. Have you heard the new Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa album -in particular the track I'll Take care of You

I first heard this song performed by Mick Hucknell on his album Tribute to Bobby, so we have listen to both today to see what we thought and sorry Mick whilst I like your rendition I prefer Beth & Joe's.  There doesn't appear to be a video on You Tube but the original by Bobby Blue Bland is on there

Words not needed


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