28 August 2012

Still some colour

August is nearly over - where did the month go?  Autumn is just around the corner.  The grape vine has already started dropping it leaves. 

The veg plot has been a failure this year, apart from courgettes, of which we have plenty, everything else is either late or non existent.  My flower garden however is still looking good, lots of colour, I guess the rain has been good for some things.  The Michaelmas daisies are just starting to peek through but not enough to photograph.  We still have lots of weeds, something else that likes the cool wet weather, I'll get to them at some point........ to be honest I'd rather be knitting than weeding.

On a frustrating note, we have been listening to a book on CD - 14 of them - got to the last disk last night, ready to find out "who done it", only to find that disk 14 actually had disk 10 recorded onto it!!!!  Hopefully hubby is going to call the BBC today in the hopes that they can send us the correct disk.  I won't say which book it is as I don't want to know the end until I hear it..

Anyway here is some prettiness


Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone


Ice Plant - just coming out




No idea ?


Snap Dragons

Can't remember

Golden Rod

Rubeckia and Cone Flowers



  1. Stunning photography. I have a plant called 'No Idea' but it looks so differnt than yours..

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! That is so frustrating about the CDs. I have had a similar thing happen on a road trip with some story CDs I borrowed from the library. When I got to the end of the story the CD was damaged. I never did find out how that story ended. Hopefully the BBC replaces the final one for you!

  3. what a gorgeous garden! still going strong!

  4. How nice that you still have such pretty flowers. Ours are mostly gone. I'm thinking I need to get some mums to add a little color. I think your ice plant is what we call sedum. I have some too, just beginning to show a teeny bit of color.

  5. Agreed! Knitting over weeding any day. That is why I can be found pulling weeds- last minute- when it's time to plant in spring.

  6. Oh how I love Goldenrod, it is just so bright and cheerful! Your garden is amazingly beautiful as always, although I'm so sorry to hear about the veggies, perhaps next year will be better. Gorgeous photos too Sue!


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