20 January 2013

it was snow Sunday too!

the snow continued from around 10:30 this morning and hasn't stopped all day, not particularly heavy but enough to cover everything from yesterday and more besides.

Laurie and parents came to pick up Rufus.  We had a family roast lunch, Rachel and Stu walked down to join us, then it was a case of shall we stay or shall we go for the Jones family.  In the end they decided to go home and managed to get there safely.

Our visitor returned to the garden this afternoon, actually coming much closer to the barn this time

Our side patio which is fairly sheltered but as you can see still a fair amount of snow.  What the chances of it all being gone by the morning drive to work?


  1. Laurie looks a little sleepy; maybe he just wants to curl up and nap on a cold, snowy day.

  2. What a wonderful Weekend you have had. Every moment!

  3. Your garden looks like a winter wonderland! I can imagine that it is very fun to look out the window at all that prettiness. I cannot believe how big Laurie is getting!

  4. I just want to pinch those cheeks!

    1. I know what you mean. The health visitor is concerned that he is loosing weight as he has dropped a centile on her stupid chart. Does he look underweight to you?!!

  5. Laurie is certainly growing fast. And how I envy you your garden visitor though we are happy with out birds, hedgehogs, butterflies, ladybirds and bees (in their respective seasons).

  6. Rufus looks like an amazingly happy little boy! And, he's exceptionally adorable, which goes without saying.


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