1 January 2013

Our New Year Walk

Happy New Year, the sun is out we are going for a walk.

Our walk today will take us to St Ives via the guided bus way.  As the bus way is not running today we are safe to walk along the tracks, as this is the only way we are going to walk there due to the water.

Damp seat!
Marshall's brick works yard underwater
St Ives
Flooded cycle/foot path
All the flooded pathways
Three sheep that didn't make it
Cheers and Happy New Year
Did you enjoy the walk an 8 mile round trip.  We did, though the return journey was fairly crowded as there were a lot more cyclists and walkers than earlier and we had to keep skipping tracks.  Time for feet up and some knitting.

Tomorrow I will have to take down Christmas, can't face it today.


  1. Cheers and Happy Wonderful New Year it's going to be!

  2. Sorry to see the flooding, but it does look like a lovely walk. The sun is shining here today, too. Happy New Year!

  3. The sun shone on our new year as well. Wihing you a great 2013.

  4. Poor sheep! What a sobering way to start out the New Year, we all definitely have a lot to be grateful for.

  5. Praise be for the flood plains - if people don't build on them. Glad you had an enjoyable walk in spite of the puddles and the floods and the mud. I wonder how many cars were stranded in The Dolphin car park. Poor sheep. It's always the homeless and the animals I feel for when the weather is bad. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year.


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