30 April 2013

All action in the garden

The warmer weather has certainly perked the plants up in the garden and the borders are starting to fill out. We are however, still having overnight frosts, my Castor Oil plant got caught a few days back, so this will need cutting off, but on the whole things are looking good.

The seeds I planted the other weekend have germinated and some will be ready for potting on

The apple blossom is not quite out yet so hoping it can hang on until the frosts are finished, the cherry seems not to be bothered and is putting on a show

New growth everywhere

Last year I thought my Wisteria was mainly dead as I only had one flower head and a few leaves, but no this year it is going to be a mass of blooms, must have been having a rest.  I will make sure to take some photos once we are in full bloom

Hubby is busy with the rotavator finishing the veg plot and I have finished clearing the borders of leaves and general garden rubbish.  All the edges need recutting but thats a job for another day, I have knitting to get on with

27 April 2013


Miss Chloe Harvey goes into the church...........

Mr & Mrs Liam Davison come out.....

Miss Amelie Davison - Chloe and Liam's daughter

Father of the Bride - Stephen

The weather stayed fine for the afternoon, after lots of rain and hail in the morning.  We had a great day.  Have a wonderful life together, you make a great couple

Introducing also

Miss Charlotte D'Alanno - 8 weeks old, who found it all a bit tiresome - niece to Chloe and Liam.
Daughter to Katie and Ashley
 I got to spend the evening having a cuddle, thanks Katie and Ashley.  You just have to love all that hair!

25 April 2013

Quiet times

Things seem to be a bit quiet around Granny's World at present.  

Not a lot to say or show.

Knitting goes on a pace, but as its a surprise there is nothing to show you for now.  Nothing done on the ten stitch for Laurie or frilled dress for a while, they languish in their respective bags.  I have a bag of yarn and patterns set aside for cardigans to start for little Miss Lucy, a request from her Mummy.

So what is going on in Granny's World this weekend?

Tomorrow kicks off with a birthday for Rebecca.

Followed closely by the wedding of Miss Chloe Harvey to Mr Liam Davison.  -
updated to include link with photos
I hope you have a wonderful day and an equally wonderful life together. 
I will be armed with my camera so pictures to follow.

Saturday I predict to be a quiet day!

Sunday is the birthday of our Rachel
We plan lunch out but to where I do not know as yet.

So there you have it, a weekend all mapped out.  I hope whatever you are doing you have a great time

PS: not sure why there are 2 x pics on Rachel's birthday as I can't see it to remove it!!

20 April 2013

Another birthday for him .....

Yes another year has come and gone and hubby gets another birthday.  This year I thought I would share with you some photos from different stages in his life.....

Firstly, school days - hubby is bottom left, next to his friend David Bowles.
Then next (left) to Mrs Ruddle is Hilary West nee Teversham with her arms folded.
Standing end of the row (right) with the blonde curly hair is David Bulloch, great knees Dave!
I don't know anyone else.

Then comes the holiday to Spain 1972 - say no more

The young man I fell in love with - 1975 Fowey, Cornwall

Big jump but I need to sort through so many photos to fill the gap, a job for another day!

This was a holiday in Corfu in 1995

This I think was around 1998

Then coming more up to date - 2004

2006 - helmet hair



Father of the bride in 2009

A Grandad (Pops) - 2010

with his boy 2011

2012 with his other boy


they keep him young

Happy birthday Peter may you have many many more.

PS. So pleased you can't do this to me!!