17 June 2013

Colour from the garden

Colour is finally putting in an appearance, the spring bulbs are long over, the forget me nots are done, the iris are on their last shout

Now its the turn of the Foxgloves -I love them, each year they come up just a little different

and then ..........

the daisies are just starting but they are for another day


  1. Basically your garden is an explosion of color and beauty, you definitely live in a wonderland.

  2. Well, a month after you posted this I have at last got the time to read and digest your wonderful blog posts and have a relaxing and enjoyable hour with you and your family while I catch up. Thank you for your posts. They are all uplifting, nectar and ambrosia to the eye and the soul.

    Your flowers are beautiful. Foxgloves are a particular favourite of mine and this year we are blessed with some self-seeded ones. Your garden must be a riot of colour and beauty. Thank you for sharing.


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