3 June 2013

Knitters are the nicest people

Back in 2009 I started this blog, and around the same time I joined Ravelry – a website for knitters and anything knitting related. I joined a few groups and participated in the forums, little did I know that this would be the start of some friendships that would take us travelling across the pond for a holiday or 2. 

Firstly, I met Kathy (kburke57).  We met on the group - Knitting it one stitch at a time – which sadly is no longer very active.  Kathy and I seemed to click and were soon emailing one another outside of Ravelry. 

Secondly, I met Joan (marmepurl), first on a gardening group and then a few months later on – Grandmas Hand – when I found out I was to be a granny for the first time.  Joan contacted me as we had several things in common. As with Kathy, we were soon emailing outside of Ravelry.  I have regularly corresponded with both ladies since then.  Whilst they don’t know one another they do live on the same side of the USA, which was a bonus. 

After a less than happy holiday last year (for me) my husband said I could do anything I wanted this year, so I chose to go to the USA and finally meet up with the ladies.  As you can imagine this was quite a big deal for my husband.  One week with people he didn’t know and in their homes too!  Anyway dates were arranged and a plan was hatched.

We flew over on Friday 24 May arriving into Washington DC.  Joan surprised us at the airport with a brief meeting, she couldn't wait until our arranged get together on the Tuesday.  It was lovely to see her and a complete surprise, I was feeling less than lovely having been ill on landing, but that’s another story.

We picked up our car and drove 2.5 hours north to overnight in Harrisburg before heading out on Saturday morning for our trip up to Schenectady NY. 

We arrived with Kathy at lunchtime and immediately felt at home.  It was just like we had known one another forever. Kathy, her daughter Angela and friend Vicki had arrange a welcome party for us, which had been planned for the garden but due to awful weather, had to be done inside, so everything was taken to room they had hired.  These people certainly know how to cater a party, so much food!!  The theme was “I love NY”, everyone had a t-shirt to wear and all the food was from NY. We got to meet a lot of Kathy & Mike's family and friends, Peter was bowled over by Kathy's grandma - 99 years young, what a lady, what a memory.  I hope I could achieve that age with all my faculties intact.

the Manhattan Clam Chowder was made by Kathy's father, so good and very different from what we had had before

The Apple Pie Moonshine - oh boy that has a punch!!

The family & friends
Sunday, we headed into Schenectady for the Green Market - organic market, a look round town, then headed out to Saratoga Springs

Peter, Angela, Kathy & Mike

Peter trying the spring water

Peter & friend
Mike, Kathy, Me & Peter

Me & Kathy
Sunday evening we headed for dinner at Canalis, oh my goodness so much food.  The meatballs were the size of tennis balls to give you some idea of scale!! I think they boxed up as much as I could manage to eat, but it was so good, just a shame I couldn't eat dessert, NY cheesecake kept passing by the table, my favourite dessert, I was drooling.

Kathy and I sat up til gone midnight talking, with so little time together we tried to make the most of it. Ever tried Salted Caramel Vodka?  It is so good, I need to try and find some here

Monday we headed to the Veteran's Park for a Memorial Day Service given by the American Veteran's. Kathy's father was leading the National Anthem & Pledge of Allegiance and doing a presentation.

Leonard Porcaro - Kathy's father
10 year old reading an essay she had written

Award for having a lit flag for over 30 years 
Sadly we had to take our leave after the service, such a short visit, but an 8 hour drive back to Washington DC.

We have plans to meet again, I hope soon.  Kathy, the barn is awaiting your visit and I'll make sure we have some Baileys (-:.  Thanks again to you and Mike for welcoming us into your lovely home, it was a pleasure.

Tomorrow I will post about our day in DC and then our visit with Joan & Fritz


  1. What a nice trip. I grew up about an hour south of Albany/Schenectady. It's a very pretty area.

  2. From Facebook-
    Anita Porcaro commented on your link.
    Anita wrote: "Great blog. I see your husband tasted Saratoga Springs water. I stopped doing that years ago. Horrible smell and bad taste..:)"

  3. Oh, that looks so nice. Kathy and I need to make friends. We have one very important link :)

  4. It looks like a busy trip but an exciting one, I know you two love to do as much as possible on trips. I've actually been to Canalis, their portions are huge! I'm so glad that you all had such a wonderful time.

  5. Been waiting for you to come back so I can read all about your holiday. This is only part 1 and I feel exhausted for you already! Pleased for you and Pete that you had a wonderul time. xx


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