31 October 2013

Dress reveal

I am so pleased with how this dress turned out, to the point I may make one for myself!  I finished the knitting last night, woke very early, and lay thinking that I should get up and finish it off so that Rachel could have it tonight.  I was downstairs at 5am and put the last stitch in at 7am.  Here is the result -

In day light

Then in night light

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

With 4 months to go there is plenty of growing room.  She has asked me to knit a belt from the leftover yarn.

Pattern - James C Brett - JB100

Yarn - James C Brett - Rustic Aran Tweed in colourway DAT16.  This size took 840 grams, the pattern suggested 3 x 400 gram balls so we have 360 grams left over.  The yarn was on offer at £7.99 a ball so it has turned out to be a pretty cheap dress.

All in all a great result

29 October 2013

End in sight

I thought it was time to share my progress on the dress I have been knitting over the last few weeks.  If you remember, it is this one


this was my progress on 19th Oct
The back and sleeves are completed, and I am well on my way up the front

James C Brett JB100

I'm not too happy about some of my front cables (the back ones lay beautifully), but I'm hoping once it is finished they will lay better, it maybe that they have got a bit scrunched up with handling.  I was knitting last night and realised I had done one completely wrong and had to pull back 6 rows, not fun when you are tired but I knew I couldn't go to bed until it was sorted.

I have about 6cm of cabling left to do, then I am on to the textured top as per the back, with the scoop neck shaping.  I am hoping to get this finished by the end of the week so that I can start on the cot blanket

28 October 2013

What did you do with yours?

As promised here is a photo laden post of the little boys.

It was a great weekend, tiring, especially as we changed the clocks from British Summer Time, giving us an extra hour in bed!!  Ya right!! So what did you do with your extra hour?

Laurie is now walking, which makes life a whole lot easier, not so much carrying around, which is much easier on the old hip!

Stop taking pictures!!

woke too early from his nap, so cuddled back down for another 30 minutes

Laurie does love his food, its a real pleasure to feed him. I was actually surprised at how many pictures had him eating in them.  All good stuff though, must remember to peel the apple as I kept finding bit of spat out peel everywhere.

The weather stayed reasonably nice, very windy and apart from a shower on Saturday which had us trying to find cover at the playground - picture 3 adults (and one of those pregnant) and two children sheltering in a play train - it was good.  Unlike this morning where it was blowing a gale, and torrential rain.  Mustn't complain though I think our neck of the woods got off lightly.