18 August 2018

ditching the dye

For what seems like forever I have been getting my hair dyed.  First it was high/low lights, and then it was roots.  Those roots grew back really fast to the point I was having my hair retouched every 5 weeks.  A bore and a hit to the wallet.  Only once had I tried growing it out and that was when we did our 3 month USA trip in 2004, I hated it and had an appointment booked for the day after our return.  Now 14 years on I have finally decided enough is enough.  I dislike the colour my hair goes after around 2 weeks, always ending up brassy looking especially in the summer, so have taken the plunge and the last time it was colored was May 15th.

this was 7 weeks after last dye, so not so noticable

this was Monday before going to the hairdressers
- 13 weeks after last dye - again not too bad
Because I keep my hair short it should grow out fairly quickly, maybe be 2 more cuts.  It's actually still darkish at the back, most of the grey is at the front, but even that doesn't seem so bad.  I am using a purple shampoo which tones down the yellow and brightens the greys.  Once all the dye is out and depending on how it looks I may go for a few lowlights just to add some interest.

Do you colour your hair?  Are you brave enough to go grey?  When do you decided enough is enough?  There is a group on Instagram @grombre for ladies who dare to go grey.  I am amazed at all the young women who have ditched the dye or in fact are grey at such a young age.  Good luck to them all, they look great

16 August 2018

Works in progress

I have always been a no more than two projects on the go kind of woman.  I can't handle the guilt of knitting hanging about on the needles.  So I'm ashamed to say I have four projects currently on my needles and one in waiting.  In my defence one of them has been put aside due to the recent hot weather.  Who wants to be knitting a blanket when it's boiling?

This is what my knitting corner currently looks like

all my works plus a bag of sweets

my Sunny Sail, I've added a few more rows and its bottom pompom

working on this - sweater vest for Ru

in waiting -
I tried this once before and kept muffing up the lace,
so not to be beaten will be trying again. 
This is a sport weight stonewashed cotton - pretty

Trying out a new to me stitch - honeycomb - look hard but oh so easy. 
Not sure if this will end up as a scarf, cowl or cushion cover!
The cat decided she'd had enough of me knitting so stuck her
paw over the yarns and wouldn't let me have them back

of course
the ten stitch which hasn't seen the light of day for a couple of months
Whats on your needles?  Are you a monogamous knitter, or do you have WIPs? If so how many? Do you finish a garment and then not sew it up? - now this I cannot do, if I've got as far as finishing the knitting then sew it up

11 August 2018

That vest.......

I cast off last night. This would have been done sooner but I got into a flurry of jam making.  I do love to make jams.  Do you have a favourite?  I like any of the stoned fruits, they set so quickly and no need to add anything other than fruit and sugar.

The first batch was greengage, these had been lurking in the freezer, already prepped so it was a case of just chucking them in the pan.

The second batch was 6lbs of Pershore plums which I got from an elderly lady in Bluntisham.  She has had a fruit stall out the front of her house for years, she must be in her 90's.  Picks the fruit herself she tells us.

My family will make short work of this little lot. Mind you there are blackberries ready to pick so who knows maybe a batch of blackberry and apple this week too.

............and finally here is Laurie's sweater vest.  Pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I had to pull out the neckband as I fluffed the V, but happier with it now. I really hope he likes it and is how he saw it in his head.  I'll keep you posted, as I will be seeing him next Saturday.

......next up on the needles is a vest for Ru.  He currently just wants one similar to this, I'll probably make a few changes just so his looks a bit different, but keeping the same colours.  I've made some progress on my scarf/shawl and hoping that as the weather has cooled down no end I can get back to the ten stitch blanket.  So as you can see I've plenty to keep me going.

7 August 2018

Chateau de la Ruche - sharing the magic

Readers of this blog will know that back in September 2017, my eldest daughter, son in law and grandsons moved to France to start a new life in a petit chateau in the Loire Valley. 

The past 10 months has seen them slowly transform the tired house into something that will be truly beautiful when it's finished - a long way off yet.  However, they are now in a position to start taking bookings for their bed and breakfast accommodation and I've attached the link for you to check out their website.  I think you'll agree it looks very professional. 

As this is still a work in progress you will get to see behind the scenes, so to speak, and find out their plans for the rest of the property - they have many

Please stop by on Facebook or Instagram and leave them an encouraging message

6 August 2018

Knitwear designer of the future?

As previously mentioned Laurie drew me a design of a sweater vest he wants me to knit him. 

I normally try to remember to make all the things they ask for, so carefully tucked away the drawing to bring home.  On Saturday afternoon I took it and some squared paper and coloured pens and had a play with the design.  I tweaked it a tiny bit adding some gaps between each pattern

I used a basic sweater vest pattern, which knits in DK weight and found the required colours in my stash, which was a bit of a result. Size knitted 5-6 years - 26" chest

Sunday afternoon I set too and cast on, and by evening I had got this far.

Today, I've finished the front. The bit I was dreading most, the V neck pattern actually worked out really well and I think once its been blocked to settle the stranded colourwork and the neckband is on it will look ok.  The back will be plain, otherwise it will pull in too much and come up small.

I hope I've not started a new trend, as you can never tell what he will come up with next.  His brother just wants to keep it simple and has asked for a similar vest to the one I knitted the other week.  Fortunately I still have more than enough of the yarn in my stash, love it when I can shift some of the older yarn.  Plus it allows me to go shopping for something more interesting

3 August 2018

Lakeside knitting

Whilst we were in France we took the boys to a nearby lake for a second visit, this time I took along my knitting.  It was a much cooler, quieter day, so I was able to enjoy my knitting and keep an eye on the boys without struggling to spot them amongst all the other kids.

The first photo was very early in the day only a few "Brits" on the beach, the French prefer to turn up later, either that or their kids sleep in!!

one of many "waterworlds" we made
Laurie loved his sweater vest, too hot to get any photos of him in it though.  Rufus has requested one the same and they both want a red and navy one.  Laurie even went as far as to draw me a design of how he wants it to look - I love a challenge.  Still its a good excuse to go yarn shopping as I have no red in my stash that's suitable .........

2 August 2018

All about flowers

We arrived back from France yesterday, and today I have been on a flower arranging workshop in the village.  So good to have a venue close to home - The Lodge Flower and Craft School. They are doing a Thursday Flower Club, which I decided to try out.

We were a small group just 5 ladies, today's project was to arrange in a Bento box.  It was a fun project, I've never done any flower arranging classes so wasn't sure what to expect, but this appealed to me.  We all did something different with our boxes and flowers provided.  The workshop runs from 10-12 with a coffee break - cake from Tom's too.

So here are some photos of my efforts, I'm pretty pleased with it even if I say so myself.  What do you think?

I love the bamboo

I'll definitely be going again.

BTW I went and sorted out the previous post, removed the duplicates and added a few more photos